Girls cocktail night with Fazeek

Girls cocktail night with Fazeek

This year, we're all about a girls cocktail night, think cute dinner plates, tied napkins, and whipping up Insta-worthy cocktails while Taylors new album is on repeat. Her's a guide on how to host like a pro using Fazeek.
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This year, we're all about a girls cocktail night, think cute dinner plates, tied napkins, and whipping up Insta-worthy cocktails while Taylors new album is on repeat.

Gather your besties, stock up on Fazeek glassware. Each piece is a vibe, blending functionality with major aesthetics that give hosting a new meaning!

But let's get real – a girls' cocktail bash without killer drinks is like TikTok when it had all the music. So, here are our top picks to level up your hosting game:

  1. Choose a Theme: Start by selecting a theme that reflects your vibe. Whether it's playful pinks, minimalist elegance, or vibrant and eclectic, let your personality shine through. Fazeek glassware seamlessly blends with any theme, adding an element of modern charm to your tablescape.

  2. Mix and Match Dinnerware: Embrace the art of mixing and matching dinnerware to add depth and interest to your table. Pair bold and playful plates with sleek and modern cutlery for a dynamic contrast. Check out the sleek and modern designs of the Fazeek Martini Glass that effortlessly blend with your chosen aesthetic.

  3. Layer with Linens: Elevate your table setting with layers of linens that add texture and dimension. Opt for crisp white tablecloths as a base and layer on colourful napkins or runners for a pop of personality. The elegant and versatile Fazeek Highball Glass adds a touch of sophistication against a backdrop of luxurious fabrics.

  4. Accessorise with Accents: It's the little details that make all the difference. Add a sprinkle of whimsy with quirky centrepieces, statement candleholders, or fresh floral arrangements. The minimalist yet chic design of the Fazeek Champagne Flute serves as the perfect canvas for creative accents, allowing you to showcase your unique style and flair.

  5. Lighting is Key: Set the mood with ambient lighting that casts a warm and inviting glow. Consider string lights, candles, or decorative lanterns to create a magical atmosphere. The reflective surfaces of Fazeek glassware catch the light beautifully, adding a touch of sparkle to your table setting.

  6. Personalised Place Settings: Show your guests some love with personalised place settings that make them feel special. Get crafty with handwritten name cards, customised party favours, or playful doodles on the table. The sleek and modern design of Fazeek glassware adds a personal touch to each setting, making every guest feel like a VIP.

Remember, the key to a TikTok-worthy table setting is to let your creativity run wild and embrace your unique sense of style. With Fazeek glassware as your trusted companion, you're ready to host like a boss and create moments that will be shared, liked, and reposted for years to come.